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Community Audio
by Dimaension X
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This series of recordings was done solely on synths and keyboards, no guitars or bass, strictly as an ambient set of space music, all improvised as it was being played, except for two songs that have some drum beats. Thats' it. I just sat at the keyboard, picked a few sustaining synth sounds, and started playing whatever came to mind.
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Topics: ambient, atmospheric, space music
Community Audio
by John Koulouris,(Esq.)
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This DJ Music Dance Mix audio file I dedicate to the dedicated individuals in the Space Science and Astronomy research disciplines for their priceless support during the last almost 20 years. Many thanks to NASA, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the I.A.U., the USGS, and the Planetary Data System Nodes (PDS). This music audio file is PUBLIC DOMAIN.
Topics: John Koulouris, (Esq.), MARS, LAUNCH, Electronica, DJ, Megamix, NASA, Space, Audio
Source: John Koulouris,(Esq.), NASA Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 17 Flight Control Center.
Community Audio
by brokenkites
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Soundtrack/Score to the pilot episode of Origami Shadows by Brokenkites.
Topics: origamishadows, antigenre, soundtrack, score, brokenkites, metafiction